Blizzard War

A little over five hundred years ago, a vast army swept
down from the frozen reaches, which were then much
further north. Distant empires, their names now forgotten,
were obliterated by large numbers of frost giants,
Hellfrost dragons, and other frigid abominations.

The northern central and eastern regions of Rassilon
were cleansed of civilization, only the dwarves, taiga
elves, and Finnar humans surviving in any numbers—the
dwarves by sealing themselves away in their mountains,
the elves through ancient magic, and the latter lacking
any cities to attract the invaders.

In the east, the armies of Aspiria and Chalcis rallied to
hold the flanks, while below the Icebarrier the Anari and
Saxa were pushed back almost to the coast before rallying
and driving back the invaders. Long winters and constant
attacks devastated the land, but after several years,
the attackers were forced back. As they retreated north, a
gigantic wall of ice rose, and the Hellfrost formed.

Since that day, known as Ice Rise, Rassilon has been
gripped in a wintry fist. Each year the snows begin earlier
and last longer, each year the ground takes longer to
thaw. Rassilon is slowly succumbing to a permanent winter.
Many folk suspect the end of days has finally come.

Blizzard War

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