A century ago, there were no frostborn. Today, the
frostborn are numerous, though not to the extent of the
other races.

Frostborn did not evolve—they simply appeared. By
whatever means has affl icted the races, frostborn can be
sired by any race, though births through this method are
still rare. However, when a frostborn mates, regardless of
whether it is male or female, the child is always frostborn.

All frostborn share the physical form of their parents,
but lack any of their racial qualities, possessing instead
unique traits. Thus there are frostborn who resemble
dwarves, engros, elves, and humans. In many respects,
they are a new race, and one growing at a rapid rate.

Regardless of their heritage, all frostborn have bluewhite
skin, white hair, and pale blue eyes. Their skin is
always cold to the touch, even when they sweat, which
occurs at temperatures above freezing.

While some frostborn follow the gods of good, an
alarming number can be found in the service of Thrym’s
legions. Whether the frostborn will become a force for
good against the Hellfrost or become a fi fth column
within the Hearthlands, none can say for sure.

A few frostborn live happily among their parents’ culture,
though do not feel truly at home there. Most have
ventured north into the Hellfrost, intent on starting a
new life away from prejudice and snide remarks.

Names: At birth frostborn are generally given names from their parents’ culture. Most, however, reject familial names, and instead adopt new names with a frigid feel, such as Frostmane, Icerazor, Rimehand, and Snowwalker.


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