Terrorized during the reign of the Liche-Priest and ravaged by the Blizzard War, Heli- gioland remains a defiant bastion of civilization in the face of the advancing winters and hostile giant and orc raiders. Sparsely populated, Heligioland is a dangerous border realm of small settlements amidst a sea of ancient ruins.

Trade & Tribute
Heligioland may not be the most prosperous realm, but it boasts three major trade routes.
The Western Loop: runs from Hellfrost Keep across to Watchgap Fort, north to the town of Seithrby, back down and across to Brae, then south down the central road back to its starting point.
The Eastern Loop: Goes from Hellfrost Keep to East- watch Fort, north through Myre and the Bleak Hills, then turns west and south back to Hellfrost Keep along the central road.
The Great Loop: runs from Hellfrost Keep to Watchgap Fort, north as far as the town of Seithrby, back through Brae, across the top center of Heligoland, down through the Bleak Hills to Myre and Eastwatch Fort, and finally back to the great castle.
The Far run, a trade spur of the Western Loop con- tinues north through Seithrby and into Shattered Moor, while the Ghost run branches off the Eastern Loop, fol- lows the border between Seithrby and the Liche Lands of Old, before entering Shattered Moor.

Major Locales
Barr0w-Fog Vale
Black Wound Gully
Dragons Graveyard
Gatorman Ruins
Mushroom Vale
Ram’s Horn Fort
Veth’s Teeth
White Ram Hill

Local Gods



Nemoralis WispNemoralis