Hellfrost Keep

Population: 3,000
Ruler: Lord Marshal Jaufre Humbert
Religion: Sigel, Kenaz, Freo, Tiw
Imports: Ale, Iron, Pipeleaf, Salt
Exports: none

At the Winterlands end of Hellfrost Pass stands Hellfrost Keep, an imposing fortress constructed across the entire pass. A dozen towers line the span, each with ballistae and catapults ready to launch destruction on any foe foolish enough to try and invade the Hearthlands.

The walls of the fort are curved inward, creating a “bowl” which attackers must pass into to reach the gates. This allows the siege towers at the flanks to support counterattacks along much of the defensive line. A single set of wooden gates, reinforced with iron and dwarves runes of armoring, allow entry to the Hearthlands.

Within the walls, built over several levels, are the armories, barracks, stables, storehouses, and workshops for the Hearth Knights, who man this imposing structure.

All travelers heading into the icy wastes are required to prove they are equipped to survive the cold weather. Those who aren’t carrying tents, winter gear, and adequate supplies of firewood or oil are sent back to the village of Keep to buy supplies before being allowed to proceed – the Hearth Knights have enough on their hands without rescuing ill-equipped adventurers.

Hellfrost Keep

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