Map of Rassilon

The land in which the characters’ adventures take
place is known as Rassilon. Other lands were once known
to exist, but these have been unreachable for centuries.

Rassilon is loosely divided into five main geographic
regions. Far to the north is the Hellfrost, a vast expanse of
ice and snow, wherein dwell towering frost giants whose
skin radiates intense cold, Hellfrost dragons, whose
breathe is coldfi re, a fi re that burns icy cold yet can melt
metal, frost vampires, victims of the intense cold who feed
on the warmth of the living, and Hellfrost mammoths,
whose breath can freeze a man’s blood in his veins. The
permanent ice and snow radiates, so legends say, from a
colossal spike of blue ice at the Hellfrost’s center.

Surrounding this is the outer Hellfrost, a realm caught in perpetual winter. Hardy souls struggle to survive against
the elements, frost giant raiders, orc tribes, and frostreavers,
men driven mad by the Hellfrost wind, which howls
across the plains and through the taiga forests.

Surrounding the outer reaches of the Hellfrost is the
Icewall, a mile high barrier of solid ice. Many expeditions
have been launched over the Icewall, but few have
returned. Those who survived reported seeing only endless
tracts of snow and ice.

Next are the High Winterlands, a wild and dangerous
realm where the temperature rarely rises near freezing
point. As one travels south, so the snow and ice grow less,
and one enters the Low Winterlands. Here life is hard, but
bearable, though the temperature remains bitterly cold.

The southernmost region is called the Hearthlands. The
mountains, swamps, forests, and plains have succumbed to
the eternal cold, yet there is still hope. These are the most
settled lands, though food grows scarcer each year and constant
attacks by fell beasts drain valuable resources.


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