Taiga Elf

The Tuomi tribes once dominated the Battlelands, Borderlands,
and stretches as far east as the Orcblood River.
Never a cohesive people, they suffered constant attacks by
the Anari during the early days of the Empire’s expansion
and were all but eradicated in the Blizzard War. Today,
they are the least numerous of the human cultures and
confi ned to the Battlelands and Drachenlands.

A proud warrior culture, the Tuomi prefer to settle
disputes with blood rather than words. Chieftains are
typically the best warriors in the tribe. Diplomacy is left
to priests.

Tiw, god of war, is highly favored among the tribes,
as are the gods of nature, Eostre, Neorthe, Kenaz, and
Thunor. Many mages are elementalists, though few join
the Convocation, seeing it as imposing a false order on
the power of nature. Skalds are not unusual, though they
exist in far fewer numbers than among the Saxa.

Tuomi average around 5’ 4”. Both sexes wear their
hair long and often dye it with natural dyes. Hair is rarely
washed, as the Tuomi believe this weakens the brain.
Their natural hair color is blonde or light brown, and
their eyes are generally green. Interbreeding with the Anari,
and in recent times the Finnar and Saxa, has diluted
the bloodline, and other hair and eye colors are more
prominent than they were centuries ago.

Tuomi use woad and henna to create elaborate tattoos,
some of which hold magical power. In game terms,
a character taking a Combat Edge may add the “trapping”
of it being a tattoo rather than a particular technique or
ability he has learned. The design is left to the player’s

Names: Taiga elves use only a single name, which usually (but not always) has a wintry, natural element to them. Examples include Flakerider, Frostmane, Icegleam, Nighteyes, Shadowweaver, and Snowrunner.

Taiga Elf

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