Watchgap Fort

Population: 120
Ruler: Sword Commander Reginhard ap-Unroch

Situated on a hill between the Icebarrier and the southern tip of White Lake, the garrison of Watchgap Fort is charged with keeping an eye over the wide pass between the features.

The hills in this region are home to several goblin tribes, but these are cowardly creatures, and the presence of even a dozen Knights can turn back a goblin force twenty times that number. The biggest threat is the frost giant stronghold of Giant’s Throne, far to the west.

Although the frost giants are careful never to attack the fort directly, one occasionally rallies the goblins into a cohesive force, which must be defeated by force, distracting the Knights from protecting the Saxa steads in the Greenpot Hills.

The current commander of the fort is Sword Commander Reginhard ap-Unroch, a veteran of numerous campaigns against the local goblin tribes and an excellent tactician.

Watchgap Fort

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